canaries in the sunshine – a crowdfunding campaign

Canaries in the Sunshine is a crowdfunding campaign on the platform.

Pozible is a Melbourne-based company which has been operating for ten years and which has raised over ten million dollars for a range of campaigns over that time.

Canaries in the Sunshine is a text unusually situated: it occupies a liminal space between poetry and science. In summary, it’s a survey of the free energy movement and tangential energy research areas. Free energy is a recognisable but controversial term. I prefer to use the term radiant energy, more accurate but far less recognisable. Whatever we call it, it has many adherents and believers, people who know all the significant moments along its timeline and its key players. But those outside this circle know very little about the subject. It is as though it has been algorithmed out of existence.

I decided, through this work, to provide a window into this world for those who live outside it. It is a world rich in leading edge ideas, and intriguing characters and inventions. I have studied some undergraduate science, but I would never call myself accomplished in any scientific field. I am a layperson in this respect. But I could see a very compelling human dimension within this scientific endeavour, the language is often rich, and the spirits and the personalities of the inventors and researchers are often captivating. I therefore decided to write the final results of my research in sonnet form. In this form, I give myself only 14 lines to tell a story. For some, it requires a double sonnet (eg The Lockridge Device) or a triple sonnet (eg The Perpetual Motion Holder of Edward Leedskalnin). But the intention has been to make the key ideas more accessible to the reader. And also fun!

My greatest wish has been to fire the imagination of younger readers, to see science as an ongoing experiment which can only get better over time. The people at the leading edge have left the common understanding of science far behind in its wake. We will catch up to them in ten or maybe one hundred years. This is an exhilarating study and I urge you to explore it and you can do this buy supporting the campaign. I expect once the campaign for the publication and printing of the book is closed, it will only be available online as an e-book.

For your information, I have listed below the titles of the poems in this work:

Not a Novel Idea 1

Want a Lift? 2

Us? Wrong? 3

The CAT That Got the Scream 4

If the Earth is a Battery 5

John Keely 6

The Hendershot Generator (HG) 7

Oliver Heaviside 8

They’ve Poisoned Me 9

200 Miles to the Gallon 10

Zip Plus Mileage 12

Air-Powered Car 13

Brockie 14

Question of the Decade 15

Vandana Shiva Speaks 16

Must be a Record Somewhere 17

We Have Tremendous Spin Here 18

About Utron 19

The Crackpot 20

The Coler Convertor 21

The Lockridge Device 22

The Perpetual Motion Holder 24

The Gravitator 26

The Hutchison Effect 27

The Searl Effect Generator (SEG) 28

Skinner’s Gravity Machine 29

The Eccentric 30

Viktor Schauberger 31

They Dubbed it Supernatural Electricity 32

Pharos Company’s Achievement 33

The N-Machine 34

Meeting Adam Trombly 35

A Life of Service 36

Nothing Magic 37

The School Girl Energizer (SGE) 38

The MEG 39

Villanelle to Jim 40

Everywhere They Look 41

Seike’s G-Strain Energy Absorber (GSEA) 42

A Swift Life 43

Tachyon 44

Stefan Marinov 45

You Can Do It Too 46

The Casimir Effect 47

The VSG 48

Ad Astra Per Aspera 49

Maintain the Torque 50

Cosmic Induction Man 51

The Turning Point 52

The ReGen-X Generator 53

Ari De Geus 54

Aaron’s Path 55

The Lindemann Motor 56

The Sticky Tape Scientist 57

The Tokamak Sonnet 58

Jensen’s UDT 59

The Sweet Device 60

The Magna-Pulsion Engine 61

A Cleaner Day 62

The Space Energy Generator 63

The Greener Power Machine (GPM) 64

The Lutec 1000 66

The Testatika Machine 67

The Banks Heat Machine 68

The Monothermal Power Device 69

The Adams Triplex 70

Something Good for Humanity 71

The Gyroscopic Particle Theorist 73

The Crystal Energy Man 74

The Seven Pillars of Tiller’s Bridge 76

Hans Alfred Nieper 80

The Beam Ray Machine 81

Tesla’s Advice to Walter Russell 82

The Multiple Wave Oscillator (MWO) 83

Universion 84

Science Cackle 85

Alan Holt 86

Orgone Matters 87

Cater Uncomplicates 89

One plus one 90

A Futurist Could See It 91

A Dark Matter 92

The Western White House 93

Boyd Bushman 94

Sestina on Pseudo-Science 95

Unpatented Words 97

Who Ordered That? 99

Up from New York 100

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  1. update, e-versions of this book are available at

    As per my undertaking on pozible campaign, the book is free for libraries via the smashwords site for 2022.

    I have hard copies available for those interested. Please contact me.

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