canaries in the sunshine

Canaries in the Sunshine is a survey of the enigmatic world of radiant energy research. It explores the inventors, researchers and investigators into this field, together with their ideas and inventions, and freely moves into related research fields.

What is radiant energy? Some may be more familiar with the term ‘free energy’, though this has become a controversial term in recent times. US researcher Tom Bearden calls it ‘energy from the vacuum’. Many have now settled for the term ‘radiant energy’, a phrase first used by Nikola Tesla, one of our greatest energy pioneers. Why not invest a little time in reading the one hundred odd pages of this book and you will know a lot more clearly what they are all talking about!

Today there remains a dedicated circle of believers who have the goal of harnessing clean energy directly from the environment for all humankind’s needs, essentially free once the machines have been built. The intention of this collection of verse is to throw light on that world for a new circle of people, newcomers and hopefully students finding their way in the world of modern science. Of course, all are welcome to take the ride.

A key strategy to achieve this goal was to make the subject as accessible as possible. The way to do that was through means of the simple sonnet, some say the supreme form of verse in the English language. The sonnet is able to handle description, narrative, argument and of course nebulous speculation. And the sonnet’s brisk structure ensures that the language serves the story well, that it holds the different parts of the story together, and it nails the argument by the last line.

This was my challenge in writing this collection: to build a world, tell a story, share a great idea, usually in fourteen lines, in less than one hundred words. Of course, for many subjects, after a sonnet, we may let it rest there. But if we want more, the sonnet can become a window into a vast world. This is what was so exhilarating to me about this project. I wandered into the laboratories of some of the most amazing visionaries of the twentieth century. Each of them add something to the path towards the Teslan free energy vision for the people of our planet.

I should also note that, while this project has full respect for the science at play here, I was able to take the time to appreciate many poetic qualities of my various subjects such as the musicality of the names of machines and ideas involved in this work, I also believe that the names of the inventors themselves and the places where they lived add to the sound colour of the work. These people are human beings facing all the day to day dilemmas we all face, holding it together whether living in small towns or big cities as they toy with the most abstract ideas and work out how to share the fruit of their labours.

This work inevitably explores some important questions about science. Of course, such questions will be raised as we visit the experiences of so many scientists. But we do need to ask: is Big Science always right? Consider how Lord Kelvin, greatest scientist of his day, scoffed at the thought of any aviation other than balloons. And that wasn’t very long ago at all! And the debate about the existence or non-existence of an ether keeps coming up. What exactly is at stake in this debate? There’s a lot to explore in these pages.

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