the drain brains

Overview: The darkies: untold kilometres of storm water drains under the town. With special places like the Cathedral and the Concrete Palace, it’s a world of mystery and wonder for kids who love to explore.

The Drain Brains: a secret gang of high schoolers who seek their adventure in the darkies. But they never go in there alone. And never when it rains.

Fish: the most unpopular member of the gang. Sometimes he can be a real idiot. He breaks every rule you could imagine and soon ends up in deep trouble. Can Fish be saved? Or will he pay the ultimate price for being an idiot?

Can the Drain Brains remain a secret as they struggle to save Fish? And can they win against the vile and evil thing they call the Bog Monster? Read the Drain Brains!

Personal Comments: My first novel, a young adult, my first venture into self publishing. It was fun. And at the time of writing this, I was wondering whether I could even put so many words together. It was all so unknown. Perhaps it could be topped and tailed, edited and polished, but the story is there, and I have moved on. I still remember my way of holding together the story details, pasting pages of each chapter together and then hanging them like scrolls on my bedroom wall, perhaps I’m a visual person. Some have commented that the story is easy to visualise, an encouragement to continue writing. Oh, yes, the inspiration for this one came from a newsletter from a gang who did explore the drains under Sydney in the early 90s. I still have their original zines, before zine was a word. And the world under Sydney still remains barely explored.

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