a sonnet homage to the kursk sinking 15 years on: K-141


Captain Lieutenant Dimitri Kolesnikov

in the ninth section of Kursk K-141,

silence, stale air, shivering cold,

of dim, dwindling hopes for any salvation.

Blue pen and paper, scrawling a note

(They would have loved words easy to quote,

explaining why, this Messianic boomer,

cruising at depth, off the Kola Peninsula…)

His last entry ends: ‘My regards to all.’

Lower down: ‘There’s no need to be desperate.’

With these chosen words, he echoes great

writers at home, who have fallen

too early in the day, a full pen in hand,

nothing left to be said, but dreams of dry land.

(An extract from Splitting Apart, Part 4 Quinn)

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