my upcoming novel

At the moment, I’m editing my next novel. Following is a one paragraph  summary. Of course, a summary can never substitute, but it does point towards what is to come. So here goes:

Marco Gentolini wants to be a journalist but can’t hack his studies. He quits and goes on his own quest for a scoop story. He wants to write about Australian jade, first an article, then a book. This happens after he visits the world’s biggest carving of a single piece of gem-quality green jade housed at the Buddhist Temple near Bendigo. But he’s led to ask bigger questions about jade, like is there any naturally occurring white jade in Australia? Experts say no. But whisperings tell Marco otherwise. He travels much in the dark, but his desire is so strong, he finds helpers and companions who take him to unknown corners of Australia. In this quest, Marco compels us to ask whether we can believe all we have been told in the past. He finally decides to write his story in a unique and polished way worthy of the stone he has grown to love.

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  1. ps I changed to name of the work to Ride A White Mare

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